Great value, good food, excellent service. That's what Narita Sushi & Rice Bowl is known for, and that's what a sushi bar should be. It may not be big, but it is enough to feed quite a number of sushi-lovers.

Our place is neatly furnished, the ambiance simple yet authentic Japanese-hanging Asian artworks, an awning over the bar itself, and subdued lighting for a more relaxed experience. Our staff serve well with friendly smiles and sincere hearts to make sure that your stay is as comfortable and memorable as can be. Mostly, we pride ourselves with our great Japanese dishes and cuisine. Narita Sushi has a wide array of fresh sushi and sashimi. The sushi special is indeed special with various sushi and a California roll to fill up your plate.

The menu list is quite special as well with dishes we lovingly make and serve just for you. The appetizers alone should definitely entice your palate. In fact, our agedashi tofu comes highly recommended, deemed the best by regulars.

There's room for veggie tempura dishes such as the simple and classic edamame soybeans or the delicious yakisoba that combines stir-fried noodles with crispy vegetables garnished with sesame seeds. How about some seafoods? Try our takosu for a taste of fresh octopus tentacles over seaweed salad and cucumbers.

We have katsu pork and chicken, our well-loved teriyaki dishes (try the scallops), sunomono salads, breaded karaage offerings (you'll love our shrimp or ebi karaage), various tempura (battered fish, shellfish, veggies) and lots of donburi ("rice bowl dishes"). For something new and Western, we've got the sushi pizza. Oh, and try the "love combo"-- the chef's creation dedicated to his own wife - and you'll never go wrong.

Those are a lot of Japanese words to take in, we know. So we invite you to come on over and discover for yourselves the most pleasurably filling words on earth.

Have a taste of Narita Sushi. Guaranteed will smile.